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Koppie the wild Katz look on a lap leopard

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Part of Our Home

We can sit and enjoy our cats on the patio. Or inside their individual areas.

Cats have turns playing on the brick.

And running out on the lawn, where we have Cat Fencing.

Lush landscaping makes a safe setting for playing with cats,
socializing kittens and for taking photos of Koppiekatz Beautiful Bengal Cats and Kittens

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About The Bengal Breed


The Bengal cat is the descendent of Felis Bengalensis, more commonly known as the Asian Leopard. This species, because of its magnificent coat, has been a favorite prey for fur trappers. In an attempt to recreate and preserve the breathtaking beauty of the jungle feline, cat breeders have successfully bred the Asian Leopard to domestic shorthairs. In more than 20 years development, the Bengal breed has a loving, domestic cat temperament, while retaining the looks of a wild Asian leopard.

The Bengal Cat is a registered domestic breed, designed to replicate the appearance of a wild cat, but with a loving disposition of a house cat. Because it is totally domestic, Bengals can be kept without permits and licenses. The Bengal Cat is a perfect choice for those who want that wild look plus an active, energetic, intelligent and unique house leopard. The Bengal Cat demands a good deal of attention and affection and enjoys being an integral part of the family.The males, generally a little larger, grow to about 15-20 pounds, while the females grow to about 10-15 pounds.

The first 3 generations are considered hybrids while the 4th generation and beyond are considered domestic cats eligible for Showing competition and completely suitable as family pets.

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The International Cat Association
The International Bengal Cat Society

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